Fash the Nation Week 41

The latest episode of Fash the Nation is now up on the TRS Radio site. Be sure to check it out here.

In case you're experiencing technical difficulties, you can also get it here:

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Donning a Popular Face: How the Alt-Right is Winning the Meme War

The alt-right position on Donald Trump has since the get-go been to use him to further our message. This policy continues to bear fruit, especially through our memes and infamous trolling of Twitter. Our shitposts, effortposts, and textbook raid tactics have successfully and successively stricken ((((journalists)))) across the political spectrum,

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What New York’s ((((Chattering Class)))) Gets Wrong about Israel

The mouthpiece of American Jewry, the New York Times, is aghast at the actions of their co-ethnics in the State of Israel, namely describing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s appointment of the “ultranationalist” and West Bank settler-colonist Avigdor Lieberman as Defense Minister as “A Baffling, Hard-Line Choice,” and referencing his

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The Not-So-Wise Latina

“I am the governor of the state of New Mexic-oooo… I’m sitting in there with my sister eating pizzz-aa”.

When the staff of the El Dorado Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico called the police last December to have attendees of a disruptive fiesta physically removed from their upscale

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The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

May 26th is the birthday of the famous American actor John Wayne. The day was set to be named after the cowboy actor in California, but a quote was brought up from the 1970's that put that process down. The quotation in question was from a 1971 interview that was

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