Dixianism and Amerikanerism: Natural Allies

As can be seen below, the proposed Amerikaner territory erroneously overlaps with Dixian territory. That’s not going to work. In fact, if the proponent of the Free Amerikaner Republic could redraw his borders to stay out of Dixie...That’d be great. If he cannot redraw the border then

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A Little Cancer

Angela Merkel - Childless Islam Lover The shriveled up communist Angela Merkel is playing the mea culpa game with the Muslim hordes she brought into Germany. She's not deporting them because that would be mean. Rather, she's going to give them a stern talking to and attempt to ban wearing the burqa in public.

The problem

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The Video Game Guide to Ethnic Cleansing

Look, I've played enough Crusader Kings II to know that what's proposed in this article isn’t that far off the mark. If anything, it doesn’t go radical enough. I've learned in my many hours of hands-on experience as the ruler of great European and Islamic states in the

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A Return To Tolerance

Another one of our allies has fallen to the insatiable appetite the Left has for ruining the personal lives of people who have opinions they disagree with. Emily Youcis, an aspiring animator with an online following, was terminated from her day job as a food vendor at the Philadelphia baseball

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5 White Pill Predictions Going Forward

When Trump first announced his candidacy last year, I was beyond excited.

When he mentioned the wall and enforcing our immigration laws, I felt he was directly appealing to me. Apparently tens of millions of Americans felt the same way.

I predicted after the first debate on Fox News that

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