La Raza: Mestizo Supremacy

At the time of writing this, when visiting La Raza’s webpage, and navigating to the ‘about us’ section, you will be met with the following words:


Is this really the case? The answer is obvious to those of us who are in

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Cucking Kills Your Church: The Episcopal Cautionary Tale

Just this month the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the United States largest Protestant denomination, cucked to extreme levels in a bid to destroy themselves like the Episcopal Church. The SBC recently passed a resolution calling for all Christians to cease displaying the Confederate flag. The SBC split from northern Baptists

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A Society Cannot Recover from Losing Its Women

In the year 1870, Paraguay lay in ruins. Six years earlier, over 500,000 souls populated this landlocked South American country. But, after it’s defeat in the War of the Triple Alliance, it now counted just over 200,000, only around 28,000 of whom were men.

Paraguay was

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The Daily Shoah #91: Episode 88 Part 4 of 14! Standard Knife Party

The Death Panel celebrate the great victories in The Battle Of Sacramento and #Brexit.

Featuring terrible jokes, those damned Pollacks, Disdain for Muggles, and of course, The Merchant Minute.

Listen here!

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What I Learned on the Way to Brexit

A week and a half ago I called upon TRS good goys to help our nationalist cousins in Europe by meming for Brexit. Thank you to all those who contributed to Brexit's victory on June 23.

With an eye to future votes, this article offers lessons learned on the way

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