The Daily Shoah 100! Ep 88 Part 13 of 14: A HUNDRED, A HUNDRED TWENTY EPISODES

The Death Panel are joined by Millennial Woes to celebrate a podcasting milestone. Featuring Johnny Cuck, Deathcamps, Despots & Dives and The Merchant Minute.

It's all right here.

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Banal Ethnic Conflict and the Burkini

During peacetime, ethnically diverse societies tend to fight over a variety of public cultural issues, such as flags, statuary, and holidays. They can’t help themselves. Multiethnic societies don’t think about issues from a clinically rational perspective that weighs the merits of arguments and considers the facts on the

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Alt-RINOs, Those Who Incur the Wrath of Kek

International criminal and third world advocate Hillary Clinton gave a speech recently denouncing the Alt-Right, in which we were painted as a part of a vast right-wing conspiracy of klansmen, water filter salesmen, and Russian agents working together to elect Donald Trump. Unfortunately, I am yet to receive a suitcase

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The New Left's Categorical Imperative

Episode 88 part 12 of The Daily Shoah begins with an amusing but telling interview of amiable leftist Brendan O’Connor. Judging by a photo from his blog, Brendan punches reasonably above his bodyweight when it comes to rhetoric. His credentials as a Gawker and Jezebel writer show he’s

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Saving Trump from Us

On Wednesday, Donald Trump betrayed his supporters on the issue that has defined his campaign: immigration. Unfortunately, with Hillary setting her campaign on fire left and right, this has gone mostly unnoticed. We need to make noise about this everywhere and immediately.

Mr. Trump, I address this to you.


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