Manchester and the People Without a Future

The latest European city we're being asked to "pray for" is none other than Britain's Manchester. This sort of thing has happened enough times that unironically asking for "thoughts and prayers" feels like a bad joke delivered by an even worse comedian.

Here's why we should not even offer the

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Katie Hopkins Patrolled by Clown Sharia

I wanted to open this article with a clever and offensive joke about Ariana Grande's lack of popularity with Muslim audiences, but really all I can think about is pictures of young white British girls that were brutally killed by this swarthy Kebab sand-nigger "Asian man with a backpack". It's

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Radical Deconstruction

Confederate statues in the American South are quite literally the last stand of explicit White supremacy. They represent a caste society which placed Aryans at the apex, above the other races of this continent, and so also represent the public or civic valuation of Aryan man as a soldier and

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