Skinning the Invisible Knapsack, Part 1 of 5

Among schoolgoys, there is a rather vindictive prank one can do to a classmate who has left his backpack or bookbag unattended, known as skinning. The bag is emptied of its contents, turned inside out, and then zipped back up with all of its contents inside.

In 1988, Peggy McIntosh

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Nigger Martyrdom.

It can seem incomprehensible to us fallen, low-T Whites when a young negro male defiantly refuses to cuck for cops. Why is that man resisting arrest, why won't he put down his gun, why is he refusing to follow the commands of an entire SWAT team? We cannot imagine that

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The Daily Shoah #104: Debate Livestream


Tonight at 7pm Eastern Time, the Death Panel will stream live on YouTube. We will talk to Lauritz about his appearance on Fash The Nation this weekend, the Alt Right presser, as well as our debate expectations. At 9pm we will sign off for

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Final Boss Fight at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY: A Visitor’s Guide

This year’s first Presidential Debate is being hosted by Hostra University in Hempstead, NY. This is the third consecutive debate Hofstra U. has hosted. Hofstra’s hometown Hempstead will be happy to get any extra money the debate brings to the small city. Hopefully TRS can help fill dem

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The Right Style Guide

Many people are saying Lawrence Murray is one of the best writers on the Alt-Right. I have lots of racist internet friends, and they message me and say, “Lawrence, you’re absolutely right. You know, I agree with everything you’ve said.” And I think lots of people feel that
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